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Maniv Mobility is helping to expedite the new age of advanced transportation technology, including safety, business model innovation, and vehicle autonomy ("driverless cars"). We believe that in the 21st century, the public should not have to endure the daily tragedy of automotive fatalities, the frustration and productivity loss of traffic congestion, and the polluted air and public space that slow-moving and parked cars bring to our urban centers. In the last 20 years technology has made information and communication ubiquitous and close to free. In the next 20 it will do the same for mobility. We work with start-up companies, entrepreneurs, financiers and others to overcome the hurdles that will herald a grand new age.

This new age will also end the monopoly of oil on transportation, a focus for sister company Maniv Energy Capital. Maniv Energy helped launch the venture fund ICV and led investment in the trailblazing electric vehicle network company Better Place. Another affiliate entity, Maniv Bioventures funded 10 early stage life science companies, six of which succeeded in bringing important pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other products to market.

Michael Granoff, Principal
Michael founded Maniv Investments in 1997. He is also a founding board member of Securing America’s Future Energy, a Washington, DC-based group that brings together corporate and military leaders to craft and advocate for energy security policy. He has been active in several presidential campaigns and political organizations as well as a number of non-profit organizations. In 2010 he was awarded the Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship by the International School of Business at Brandeis University. He holds a BA from Tufts University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, as well as a JD from Northwestern School of law.

Olaf Sakkers, Associate
Olaf sources and diligences investment opportunities with a focus on technologies that enable autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, he helps to construct broad investment strategy for Maniv. He holds a BA from Princeton University and completed his IDF service in the Foreign Relations Branch working on US-Israel military relations.

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