Maniv Mobility

Investing in New Mobility

Maniv Mobility is helping to expedite the new age of advanced transportation technology, including safety, business model innovation, and vehicle autonomy

arbe robotics

Arbe Robotics, founded in 2015, has the vision to make autonomous driving safe, affordable and available – today. The company’s 4D Imaging Radar is the first to provide ADAS, level 4, and 5 fully autonomous cars with high-resolution imaging radar that enables them to “see” the environment in any weather and lighting condition; from long, mid and short ranges in wide azimuth, elevation, range, and Doppler.

aurora labs

Aurora Labs is a self healing platform for vehicles. The company uses a software update technology that dramatically decreases the time for software updates coupled with a dashboard to track the health of fleet software. 

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Leading developer of DSRC chipsets, enabling vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. Its technology provides top of class performance as well as a high degree of encrypted security. 


3D virtualization world for autonomous vehicle development that will allow simulated testing at huge scale, accelerating development and allowing validation of autonomous systems. logo.png

Deep learning based system that allows perception of the environment around a vehicle, offering significantly better performance than current generation solutions (like Mobileye) on the same applications. Partnering with several OEMs including one that has made an investment to build autonomous functionality.


In-vehicle sensor that can monitor vehicle occupancy and thereby replace high cost vehicle occupancy sensors, improving vehicle safety, configurability and enabling forgotten infant detection amongst other uses.

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Hailo developed a neural Net optimized silicon reimagining classical computing architectures to create a chip that is optimized for deep learning tasks with applications in autonomous vehicles. 


Intuition RObotics

Addressing social isolation and loneliness through robotic technology. Focused on home-based, on-their-own elderly, accompanying them through the day, and assisting them with important tasks such as keeping track of their schedule, medicines, contacting relatives and playing music.


System that includes backwards and forward facing cameras for monitoring driver attentiveness and behavior in relation to the required tasks of driving, giving fleet managers better insight into driver behavior while collecting data about how humans drive on roads to develop autonomous functionality. 


Enabling real-time driver feedback by using users’ smartphones as a smart dashcam. Nexar records and identifies risky driving behaviors, reading license plates to create a database of driver profiles. This helps to encourage safer driving while providing value to third parties such as insurance companies.

Oryx logo.png

Oryx vision

Developing sensor for autonomous vehicle applications that is neither radar nor lidar, instead using micro antennas to detect light waves, thereby offering unmatched resolution and adverse weather functionality at very low cost. 



Open cloud platform that connects vehicles and the data they generate to a rich ecosystem of apps, offering a wide range of services to vehicle owners while allowing them to maintain control over the data they share. 



Compact, 24/7 complete car security camera protects against crashes, stops, and break-ins. Dual facing HD cameras, an LTE cellular radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a touch screen, powerful processor, speakers, microphones, security beacon and lights. Sensors secure the vehicle automatically alerting the   driver via the Owl Cam app. 



Teleoperation for autonomous vehicles. A low latency remote control link allows autonomous vehicles to navigate tricky situations and speed up deployment


Software platform for building and managing on-demand transportation services focused on corporate, college, health center, muni paratransit and other ride services. 

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Righthand Robotics

Robotic grasping system that is able to address the complex task of picking (a historically very challenging problem in robotics) with a high degree of fidelity and pick validation. Applications in warehouse management and e-commerce.  



Seurat has developed and patented a breakthrough in 3D metal printing technology.


Peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that allows car owners to make money by renting out their vehicles at a price that they set and for renters to enjoy a cheaper and friendlier experience (formerly RelayRides). 

Upstream logo.png

Upstream Security

Cloud based - and therefore quick to implement and highly scalable - security solution that that protects fleets of vehicles along the channel through which they communicate with the cloud. 

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